About Us


Mitchell D. Kreiter & Associates is a law firm specializing in criminal defense legal matters. We have over thirty-six years of trial experience and have handled over 15,000 criminal cases.  We are located in the West Garfield Park area of Chicago and our services are available twenty-four hours a day, so please let us put our experience to work for you and contact us at 312.222.0001.

Mitchell D. Kreiter & Associates began in 1978 with Attorney Mitchell D. Kreiter. Upon graduation from law school, Mitchell hung up a shingle in the River North area of Chicago, while specializing in criminal defense legal matters.

Mitchell prides himself on being able to win the losing cases. He brings to the defense table the previous representation of thousands of individuals charged with serious crimes along with “street smarts,” unmitigated courage, and a vast amount of legal knowledge.

Mitchell’s first case as a solo practitioner was a criminal case and he was enthralled with the concept of standing up for the rights of individuals. Thirty-six years later he is still enthralled with protecting the rights of individuals and holding the state and the federal government to their burden in all cases. He is considered to be one of the best cross-examiners in defense of criminal cases today.

Mitchell’s skills lie in strategy, cross-examination, and impassioned arguments. During his career, he has 
cross-examined thousands of witnesses, including, but not limited to, law enforcement personnel, judges, prosecutors, numerous expert witnesses from all different fields, hostile witnesses, as well as friendly witnesses. He has the uncanny ability to think on his feet and is usually seven questions ahead in his mind, while the witness is answering the question at hand. Mitchell is excellent at peering into the essence of the person that is on the witness stand. He places himself into the shoes of the witness, while considering what his or her values, motivations, and biases are. While so many lawyers are entranced by listening to their own voice as it caresses their eardrums, one of the most important qualities in a lawyer is to know when not to talk, and Mitchell does not ask questions that will come back to sting his client.