Drug Crimes

A conviction for drug trafficking can result in a significant prison sentence.  State and federal penalties have steadily increased over the past few decades to deter the illegal flow of drugs into and throughout the U.S.  Drug possession charges, especially those involving large quantities of illegal substances, also carry the potential of significant prison time.

If you are facing criminal drug charges in Cook County, the surrounding areas of Illinois, or in another state in the U.S., the law firm of Mitchell D. Kreiter & Associates can help.  We have a proven track record of achieving successful results in drug possession and drug trafficking cases.  Mitchell D. Kreiter is a  skilled negotiator and trial lawyer who will fight to obtain the best possible result in your case.

Aggressive Drug Crimes Defense

You have rights.  The state has the burden to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  You are not required to testify at your trial.  You have the right to subpoena witnesses who can provide testimony favorable to your case.  If you have made a confession that was taken illegally, or under questionable circumstances, our firm can file a motion in court seeking suppression of your confession.  If your person, home, or vehicle was illegally searched in violation of your constitutional rights, our firm can make a motion to the court seeking the suppression of the fruits of the illegal search.  If the state does not have the evidence to convince a jury of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, you cannot be convicted.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for drug possession or drug sales involving narcotics, controlled substances, marijuana (cannabis), methamphetamines, PCP, cocaine, or any illegal substance, protect your rights by contacting our firm.